Camping Rules-Regulations and Policies

Car policy

Between 01/08 and 31/08 cars are not allowed on the camp site.  The only vehicles permitted entrance will be certain suppliers, campervans & caravans. Τhe possibility of parking a car next to your tent will not be possible.  We offer free car parking on the fenced-off area parallel to the campsite.  Entering & exiting the parking lot will be possible via use of the special card handed to you upon check in at reception. Transportation of your various items within the campsite grounds can be done with special carts supplied by reception or with the assistance of a team member driving the golf carts.  Storage for valuables such as laptops, tablets or money and jewelry is available in the form of individual private lockers.  The aim of this decision is to create a safe place for all of us and especially for our children. At the same time, adults not using their car will feel a sense of freedom. They will enjoy the benefits of walking which among other things helps in weight loss and relieves stress, contributes to lowering blood pressure and removes the risk of many chronic diseases.

Windsurf policy

We welcome kite and wind surfers all season long. We offer free storage of your windsurfing gear at our windsurfing station next to the beach entrance.

The Greek Coast guard has issued the below rules on Windsurfing

1. Is prohibited to individuals younger than sixteen (16) years of age and who cannot swim properly. For minors, individuals under the minimum age, the parents or guardians maintain responsibility, must provide parental consent, in addition to confirming the minor’s ability to swim properly.

2. Is prohibited during adverse weather conditions or when wind force is over 6 (22-27 knots) , prior to sunrise and after sunset hours. Failure to follow can lead to a steep fine from the Greek Coast Guard.

3. Are required to wear a specially designed Personal Floatation Device (PFD) e.g. lifejacket

4. Windsurfing is prohibited when distances are less than Two Hundred (200) meters from the customary locations accessed and frequented by swimmers when at coastlines where floating buoys are not evident. When at beaches where floating buoys are mandatory, windsurfing is allowed beyond such markers.

5. When launching or returning to shore, proper care and caution is exercised by the windsurfer to avoid disturbing swimmers in the area. Someone is always available at our phone line 00302733022522 in case you need assistance.

Pet Policy

We welcome our fury friends on our campsite and as long as the below guidelines are followed, we are sure they will enjoy their vacation as much as you will. As much as we love animals, we all need to respect and be considerate towards those who suffer from allergies, phobias and need a good night’s sleep. Our beach is ideal for dogie exercise, fetch and long leisurely walks everyone benefits from. In low season or early morning your dog could even enjoy a refreshing swim!

  1. Pets may enter the camp site as long as they have all their necessary medical certificates.
  2. The presence and walking of dogs in the common areas is allowed provided they are on a leash at all times and all waste is collected immediately. If you have been identified not picking up after your dog, we will request that you do so. Dog waste can be dangerous for our young campers and we are very strict in carrying out this policy.
  3. Pets are not allowed to enter the swimming pool or lounge on the seating areas.
  4. Pets are not allowed to enter the sea water where there are other bathers.
  5. Dogs must be on a leash accompanied by their owners at all times. Please do not leave a pet unattended on the camp ground as it causes them stress.
  6. When feeding your pet please make sure you do not leave pet food or soiled bowls lying around as they attract vermin & insects. Seal your pet’s food safely and clean their utensils once fed.

If you have rented accommodation from us

  1. Pets are only allowed if they are in their special transport cage. They’re not allowed to walk inside the tent/caravan area. The mosquito nets are very sensitive, we have had pets tear them in the past.
  2. If you don’t have your own transport cage, contact reception and we will provide one for you. If the pet remains on a leash outside your tent, it should be under your constant supervision and not remain alone, without its owners.

General Regulations at camping Gythion bay, so we all have a good time!

The aim is to continuously optimize the experience of all visitors to our site. By providing personalized service to each visitor, we use components to present to each visitor the services and products they really care about, depending on the preferences they display while they are browsing our site.


All guests and visitors must present their passport or identity card at reception to enter the camp site. All persons, camping vehicles and cars within the camp site area must by law be registered at reception and display the card with their code that is given to them upon check in.

· Checkout & payment at reception can be done from any previous date but the place or rented accommodation must be freed by 11:00 a.m.  so it is available for the next camper on the day of departure.  After that your vehicle can be parked at the external parking lot and you are welcome to stay at the campsite for the rest of the day.

· In case of delayed check out 12:00-18:00 you will be charged 50% of your daily charge and 100% if departure is after 18:00 pm.

· Access to the camp site area is only allowed to vehicles of guests who have been handed the necessary magnetic card at reception and whose driving speed does not exceed 5 km per hour.

· Driving into the camp site is permitted from 8.00 in the morning until 01.00 in the evening. After 01:00, entry is not allowed for reasons of disturbance and the barriers will not open. In that case vehicles can be parked in either parking lot.

· Vehicles parked in the camp site should not occupy a shady space where other campers may pitch a tent. Instead, they must be parked along the road.

· Driving around the camp site is not allowed, you can use your vehicle to enter, park and exit only.

· Bicycles and pedestrians should not go through the barriers; they can move around them. Only the drivers should swipe their card at the keyboards for the barriers to go up. To exit, the barriers are automatic, wait a few seconds at the designated line and they will open.

· Vehicles that are not holders of the special magnetic card shall be prohibited from entering for any reason, without the card the barriers cannot open , not even for unloading and loading respectively.

·The outdoor park site is located in the fenced area next to the campsite and for 2023 use of it is free of charge.

· During the hours 14.00 pm – 17.00 pm and 00.00 pm – 08.00 am all guests should respect public peace & quiet.

· Campers and their guests are responsible for any damage to the facilities, devices and in general to the camp site. They are required to immediately declare any damage made and to repair it at their own expense.

· Visitors visiting the camp site are allowed entrance for a fee of €5 per person, which is paid at reception, except for restaurant customers.


· Pets may enter the camp site as long as they have all their necessary medical certificates and are on a leash accompanied by their owners.

· The presence and walking of dogs in the common areas is allowed provided they are on a leash at all times and all waste is collected immediately.


· Car washing of all vehicles within the camp site grounds is not permitted.

· Guests chemical toilets can be emptied in 2 designated areas and not anywhere else or the public bathrooms


· Parents should be attentive when their children are playing in the playground, also making sure to remove from their pockets, hands or hair items that may injure them. Also make sure they do not bring food, beverages and animals into the playground.

· During children’s activities parents must be near their children.

· Smoking is prohibited in the playground and during the screening of children’s films.

· All guests are kindly requested to keep the premises clean and only throw their waste in the designated recycling and waste bins that are located near each bathroom building.

· The pool operates strictly from 09.00 a.m. until 20.00 pm. All other hours a cleaning schedule is followed.

· No inflatable toys or accessories are allowed within the pool.

· Bikes are not allowed to cycle in the areas surrounding the restaurant, bar, playground, pool and lawn around the pool.

· Please read the special rules of entry to the pool, which are posted on the grounds.


· Use of the tables at the bar and restaurant is not allowed for the consumption of your own food products. You can use the communal tables located next to the mini market and the communal kitchen.

· In the camp site you will find 4 points with garbage bins and 4 recycling bins. Please collect your trash locally and throw it into the big bins. The same applies to your waste in the communal kitchen and sinks.

· Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or on the beach. They represent a health risk particularly for young children and a huge source of contamination of the sea by the small plastic fibers they leave behind.

· It is forbidden to keep out exposed food waste, garbage or animal feed because they attract animals and vermin from a very short distance


· Please take care to remove your own food products only from the refrigerator. Please respect other campers’ things.

· Please don’t occupy too much space in the communal refrigerators. Respect other campers who want to put products in the refrigerators as well. Six-packs of water or whole watermelons will be removed.


· Lighting a fire is strictly prohibited in Greece by law from May 1st to October 30th. In particular, it is forbidden to light any type of fire inside the camp site, on the beach or on any adjacent plots.

· Any interference with the water and irrigation network shall be prohibited.

· Weapons and explosives of all kinds are banned by law, as are air guns and any kind of launchers.

· Camp site owners and management are not responsible for loss of items due to theft or damage. All guests are kindly requested to ensure that their objects are kept safe by them.

· Management reserves the right to request the removal, to prohibit their further stay or entry into the camp site of all persons in the event of non-compliance to the regulations of the camp site.