The beauties of Mani in winter

While winter is approaching, and the temperature isn’t dropping Mani remains a very interesting suggestion for a getaway. Without the use of ferry it will only take you 3 hours to reach the Laconian shoreline and find yourself indulging in a glass of ouzo accompanied by some grilled octopus.

Mani is located at the southernmost land point of Greece thus drenched in sunlight most days of the year. The temperature in winter usually hovers around 20 degrees Celsius during the midday hours, the sun warming you up in it’s wake.     

Starting from picturesque Gythio, which in winter has a different charm compared to summer, you can wander around the traditional villages of Mani and win the smiles of the locals with your visit. In Gythio there are seaside taverns with fresh fish and other seafood, but also more “local” places where you can eat home-cooked food and delicious grilled octopus. In the Gythio settlement, locals are all set for revelry any time of the day, as long as there is adequately loud and beautiful music.

Popular villages such as Limeni and Areopolis  are always more lively compared to the other villages in middle Mani. Here you will find excellent food options for all tastes. Limeni is famous for its fresh fish, while in stone built Areopolis there are several remarkable choices, and most importantly, there are no cars passing by.

In villages such as Kotronas, Alypa, Laya, Marmari, Alika and Gerolimenas you will see a few tourists and in the cafes some locals, mainly elderly people. Although not particularly busy, the charm of Mani is undeniable. The wild beauty of the landscape and the quietness of nature will captivate and relax you. Of course, don’t forget your swimsuit!